Robert Thornton, Ph.D. - Solutions for land, farming and agriculture
A graduate from Mississippi State University with a Doctorate in Earth and Atmospheric Science (emphasis in Climatology), Dr. Robert Thornton has worked for the State Climatologist of Mississippi and taught at the university level.  Before returning to graduate school, Dr. Thornton spent 13 years working as a broadcast meteorologist in Mississippi and Texas and worked as a freelance consultant.  He is currently serving as a post-doctoral researcher for Mississippi State University and the Agricultural Research Service.
In addition, Dr. Thornton has served as a National Science Fellow and taught science at an area middle school.  His doctoral research involved climate and its effects on irrigation in the Mississippi Delta.  Specifically, his research illustrated how surface water in reservoirs can be used as an alternative to groundwater for irrigation. 
His Research & Consulting Areas include:
•Radar estimates vs. actual measurements 
•Radar data interpretation 
•Weather data collection
•Weather forecasting 
•Groundwater conservation for irrigation/farming through precipitation capture
•Forensic meteorology & data interpretation 
•Severe weather preparedness 
•Land surface-atmosphere effects on precipitation 
•Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
2012.  Thornton, R.F., C. Wax and J. Pote. "Modeling the Potential for Replacing Groundwater with Surface Water for Irrigation by Using On-Farm Storage Reservoirs in the Mississippi Delta," Proceedings, Water Resources Conference, Jackson, MS.
2011.   Robert F. Thornton.  "Modeling Management Methods to Curtail Declines in the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial Aquifer." Creek Run Environmental Engineering, Environmental Geology Symposium, South Haven, MI.
2010.  Wax, C.L., J. Pote, and Robert Thornton. “Refining Effective Precipitation Estimates for a Model Simulating Conservation of Groundwater in the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial Aquifer,” Proceedings, Water Resources Conference, Bay St. Louis, MS.  Online at:
For consulting services information, please contact Dr. Thornton via email at
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